creativity and weekend meet

Wow, had soooo much fun this past weekend! I did nothing and yet everything all at once – designed some stuff, made some stuff, did some laundry, laid around a bit and just let my mind drift. Don’t do that last one much, and I want to do it more, b/c it is like a super energy and creativity booster. Love the way I don’t really go to sleep while I am doing it, but at some point, I ‘wake up’ and look around and wonder where I was. 🙂

2013-06-16 10.56.33dogfudsack1

The biggest, most wonderful thing about this weekend? I began to tackle the guilt piling up in my pantry:  I designed and made some stuff out of the mounting issue of thick, plastic dog food bags I refuse to put in the trash b/c I feel too guilty about it. I used to send them to a momandpop business who made things out of them, but they decided they didn’t want that kind of bag anymore. So I’ve been piling them up – or trying – actually, they don’t stack so easily. Being slick, thick plastic and kind of formed, they tend to slide around and not want to stay piled up – another good reason to do something with them:  to keep them from raining down on me in the pantry every time I try and move things around in there on that top shelf.  I kept them with the idea that I would either find someone to take them or make something out of them.2013-06-16 11.31.432013-06-16 17.31.112013-06-16 11.33.26

So I came up with a few designs and spent a good part of the day making several different bags. 2013-06-16 17.33.34 2013-06-16 17.33.11

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