cream and sugar?

I need a man
I need to get laid

that’s not it either

I need and want
a man
to meet me where I am right now

and I am right Here
just me
not everyone’s cup of proverbial tea
that’s for sure

so maybe I just need someone
who doesn’t leave the cup of tea
once it’s grown cold
who continues to drink until
the cup is drained
angles the cup to get the last
delicious amber drops

or maybe just someone who
actually really drinks tea
not preferring coffee or beer instead
not someone who says yes to tea
just b/c that’s all that’s available
in the moment
but who would really rather have milk

I want someone to call
to let them know I am
leaving the city on a trip

because that is part of a loved one’s

I need an my emergency contact
fulfilling not only all those
but also
fulfilling my desire

the desire
to feel someone else’s
energy smack up against mine
and laugh
in nighttime dream journeys
as we sleep

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