I want to be kind

I want to be kind
really kind
of thought
and deed

not just act kind
not just say kind things
have kind, loving thoughts also

I want to be the person
who thinks of all the many
that could be
in play
for the person
in front of me
to have cut me off in traffic


without having to remind myself
without changing my mind
without having to rethink
without excuses
without reward
without having to restrain myself
in body or word

I just want to be kind

despite the media
only showing me violence
despite the road rage
pointed at me and my bike
despite Bella the cat
biting my hand
breaking the skin

the reports
the research
the polls
that tell me it is unsafe
to be a female
and walk alone

despite the fact
that I live in a human body
that never stood a chance
against that car

that bleeds
that cries
that feels pain

I just want to be kind

against the odds
against the flow
against the majority
against my reptilian brain

I want to be kind

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