coke bottle bottom

those warm melty caramel
yellowbrown eyes
so deep
so rich
they are like the candy
so sweet but also savory
a substantial toothhold
becoming delightful warm syrup
on the tongue

those eyes
take me to the smell
of terrace stones warmed by
departed sun
summer nights
with wine
and laughter
bare feet
the smell of late
night coffee brewing
the thick warm silk of the cream
in the cup

unlike cokebottlebottom eyes
looking all the way down
to the bottom
can see the ocean bed
below and through
seeing the nakedness
while also looking right through it
unable to gauge the depth
too clear

so not unreadable
so exposed and shocking
so unsettling
especially in sunlight
I always pull back
at first intersection
of gaze
startled but trying to quickly recover
and not show it

really not cold
or reptilian
as they suggest
do not let it prejudice you
those seethrough eyes
they simply
seem to reveal too much
and conceal at the same time
can’t judge the depth

is it safe to jump in?

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