in which I replace the entire front yard with wildflowers

Day One – Installation

I’ve been struggling here lately with my own quirkiness/weirdness. I found I was ashamed of my creativeness and the way I live my life. I think my neighbors must hate me and my yard and the way I have ‘trashed’ the neighborhood. When I explained this to my daughter, she asked, “Yeah, but could you be any other way and still be happy?” And the answer is: No.

So there has been this constant struggle to let out all the wildness, the quirky creativity and live in my constantly evolving, unfinished house/yard/life as they continue to change and be born. I feel kind of too weird to claim my life, my house, my yard – but also am driven1.front yard before.April2014 to continue to be me and do all those weird things. So the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde show continues, b/c as I was telling my friend Bonnie about this problem, she began to gently chastise me, goading me back into myself. Telling me, sweetly, that these were the things she liked about me.

Okay, so I let her talk me into doing something that I have always wanted to do: turn my front yard into a wildflower garden. She did this years ago in her own yard. And b/c I knew it was supposed to snow/rain on Sunday, I wanted to get it done Saturday. So Friday night I called my friend Stephen to ask if he would help me by using his truck to haul a rented tiller over to my house from Home Depot on Saturday morning. He said yes, so I made him go get it at 7am – yikes! And I subjected my neighbors to the noise of a tiller at 7:30am in the morning – sorry! 2.front yard before. april2014

I tilled up most of the grass – except for some paths I kept, raked up all the grass, smoothed it out (more raking), put the sprinkler on it for a while to moisten the ground, broadcast Beauty Beyond Belief’s local wildflower seeds (along with a few I had collected), broadcast some mulchy, dried grasses over the top of it. Gently watered it down. Cleaned up my messtiller and then trimmed some tree and juniper branches to be able to use the grass paths I had left. I can totally recommend the Barreto hydraulic Tiller! That thing kicked some serious ass in no time at all.

So this Spring, wet snow is the very best thing that could happen, as it will stick all those seeds right where they are! Bonnie will be over on Wednesday to help me set up some soaker hoses so that I can put the water on a timer and save water and time, too.

It’s a good thing I started so early, b/c I did not get back in the house until 8:15pm at night. I will post updated photos as the process continues. Right now I am praying to the fae to watch over those seeds and get them started.

And so today I can’t even move, I am so sore from all that work! But soooo excited! Someone tell my bees how happy they are gonna be with all these flowers this summer!

2 thoughts on “in which I replace the entire front yard with wildflowers

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