wildflower yard & a gift from a little Angel

Day 6 – Install rustic twig trellis

trellis3A few days ago I tilled up my entire front yard to make way for wildflowers and then put down soaker hoses to water them once they get tall.

Today I finished and installed the rustic twig trellis at the edge of the yard to mark the grass path that leadstrellis2 to the front door. I love the way they look like they are dancing together. I planted a few cucumbers, some morning glories and a couple of pea vines underneath it.

I just wonder if it will hold up to some of the wicked winds we get here – especially once it has vines growing on it. I love it.trellis1

While I was working on it, a young girl and her mom walked by and stopped to briefly ask me about my project.  The young girl then offered me 2 amazing gifts that were so sweet I about cried. She asked her mom first, her mom said okay, and then she came giftfromanangel1over and handed me a little dandelion flower. “I want to give you this,” she said. I thanked her and tucked it into the headband in my hair. And then as if just thinking of it, or maybe making the decision right then, she handed me a beautiful little rock with, “and this rock.”

It felt like a sign from the Universe – a gift from a little Angel – telling me to just be my quirky, weird self and to keep weirding-up the neighborhood, and my house and my life and the World in general. giftfromanangel2

She looked back a couple of times as they walked away down the road. I bowed to her in gratitude. Only she and I saw that exchange, her mom had already turned away and was walking. I don’t know your name, little Angel, but thank you for the message. I heard it loud and clear.

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