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Ghostly Possession vs. Attachment.

It is seldom that I see a full-on possession. A possession is when an entity or ghost of some sort is actually inside your body most of the time, controlling some or all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. However, attachments are quite common. I call them attachments, because they will have an energetic attachment (cord) between you and them.

Unfortunately, it is not difficult to pick up an entity/ghost as an attachment. They are everywhere. And just like physical beings, they cover the entire spectrum from harmless to evil, from disinterested to manipulative and nasty. When an entity or ghost gets attached to someone, it usually means they have more influence over that person. They influence your thoughts and feelings.

A perfect example of what it feels like to have an attachment is when you suddenly, without any precipitating factors, think or feel something really weird and/or foreign for you. As an example: Once while giving a haunted historical tour with my friend, (local historian) Suzy Riding, a ghost attached himself to our group (me) and proceeded to follow us on the tour.

I didn’t realize it, however, until I looked over at a man walking on the sidewalk with his young daughter on his shoulders. They were not a part of the tour, but I had a vision of him taking her by her ankles and whipping her forward and face-first, violently slamming her into the concrete of the sidewalk. The thought/vision was so very horrible and violent, that instantly I knew I had an attachment—because that sort of thought would have never come from me.

I did a quick check, and sure enough, he was with the tour/me. He expressed arrogance when he realized I had detected him. He was surprised when I immediately bundled him up and handed him over to be taken home. We continued with the tour without further incident.

Attachments can even affect your thoughts to the point of making your suddenly suicidal. Those who commit suicide are usually so depressed and detached from their own reality, that when their body dies, they don’t even realize it. Then they can very easily attach to someone else. At that point, because they are attached to a live physical body, they become obsessed, again, with killing themselves, not realizing they have already accomplished that very thing. And because attached entities affect our thoughts and feelings, and because suicide victims’ thoughts are so very depressed and obsessive, the new person suddenly feels suicidal.

Unfortunately, you hear of it all the time:  how a happy, normal person very suddenly tries (or succeeds) to commit suicide. The people around them are mystified, and no one understands what happened. Pay attention if this happens to you or someone you know. Take it seriously—not just because it involves suicide, but also because it is too sudden, unusual, and weird. Any such weirdness should be respected, because it means something is not right. So many unexpected suicides could be prevented if folks had this info.

Attachments are resolved pretty much the same way as a house clearing. I will clear you, your house and property, your vehicles, possibly your workplace, etc. every time I do work for you, because I want you to be safe, and I don’t want any ghost/entity to be lost. Check my contact page for current costs and more details.

For more great info, check out the book People who Don’t Know They’re Dead.

If you suspect you have an attachment and need help removing it, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have years of experience with this sort of thing and can help you out. And if you think you—or someone you know—is possessed, it may be a possession, but it may only be an attachment. Either way, I’m your huckleberry.