The Difference Between a Ghost, a Demon, a Generic Entity, Aliens, Negative Energy, and Shadow People.

There are many types of entities and energies that could cause you to conclude that your house is haunted, so let’s look at some different types and definitions. Keep in mind that none of them is welcome or should be allowed to stay in your home, and all of them are very easily taken care of.


The most common type of haunting is a simple ghost. I define a “ghost” as a soul that, at one time, had a physical body that housed it. When the body died, the soul did not go to heaven/home/back to its creator/etc. There can be many reasons a soul does not cross over.


A “demon” is a different thing altogether. There are many types of demons. They usually have never been a physical human. They can be tricksters, ghosts who only think they are demons because they have been lost so long they can’t remember who they are, or downright evil (rare, thank goodness).


An “entity” can be any number of types of spirits that are not classified as a ghost or demon. Lots of times, when they can’t easily and quickly be classified as a ghost, demon, etc., I will simply conclude they are in that undefined category—and, of course, need to go. In that instance, I call upon the Escorts of Light to take the entity to wherever it needs to go. I do not pretend to know where that is, and it doesn’t matter. I trust my team, and I always ask that the entity is taken care of—that any and all darkness and confusion be removed so that it can know its true self.


Aliens represent that category of beings who come from different dimensions/planets/planes and that may (or may not be) physically unseen on Earth. These include the Greys, the Lizzies, the Tall White Ones, the Crop Circle Dudes, etc. The process for removing them and insuring they do not return to bother you and yours, is a slightly different process than a usual house clearing, but is still very doable.

Negative Energy

Negative energy is a category given to the bad juju—of any and all varieties—that might be hanging out around you and in your home. This bad energy could come from an almost endless variety of sources:  someone very negative and depressed; someone wishing you harm; anger; a ghost or any of the other haunts herein; leftover bad juju from a death, divorce, trauma, etc.; a botched house clearing job (they didn’t know how to clean up and close spiritual doors afterwards and left you open to receiving unwelcome nonphysical guests and energies); someone messing around with magick who doesn’t really know what they are doing; someone trying to “summon” assistance or info from a source other than the Angels of God/Light, etc.

Some negative energy can actually take on the characteristics of a type of entity, ghost, etc. I don’t see this a lot, but it is possible. It usually occurs because there is (or has been) much energy being put into the negativity—or perhaps because it has been present for such a long time and has been accumulating.

One can also get negative energy via an attachment. See Ghostly Possession vs. Attachment for more info.

Shadow People

Shadow People are most often in the category of dimensional bleed-over. They can also be related to a time loop. What happens is easy to explain once you understand that there is no such thing as time and no such thing as space. When you think about that some, you realize that everything is taking place right here and right now.

What can happen when everything is happening right here and right now is that sometimes something from another dimension/plane/frequency/lifetime is bleeding over into your current dimension/plane/frequency/lifetime. It is easy enough to repair or construct some energetic barriers that will keep them from bleeding through.

Shadow People are often mistaken for poltergeist, because sometimes we can hear physical sounds from them with our physical ears. They usually do not register our presence or cannot hear us, even though we may be able to hear them talking to someone in their own dimension. Occasionally, Shadow People will also notice us, but that doesn’t happen very often.

The Good News

All of these can be easily removed and taken care of. Please do not suffer at the hands of a haunting just because someone “qualified” told you something can’t be removed—or because they said the entity told them they are not ready to go. There is a solution to all of these problems—and many more. And please do not think you have to be searching for a specific type of healer/person that goes by a specific type of name (magician, necromancer, etc.) before your problem can be resolved. I’m your huckleberry, your renaissance spiritual warrior, and I can help you out.

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