Monthly Archives: December 2019

Small Inspiration.

2019-12-18 15.37.13

Last week I found Ann Wood Handmade and fell in love. And it inspired me to finish a doll I had in my workroom that had been languishing, naked, waiting for some clothes.

Boy, did she finally get some clothes! I drafted tiny patterns and sewed—mostly with a thread and needle and by hand—to outfit her. I even crocheted her a tiny mohair scarf to keep warm. I really like the striped socks.

2019-12-18 15.34.28 smaller

I was inspired by Ann Wood’s tiny creatures and their tiny clothes. The doll I finished stands about 15 inches high, but Ann’s littles are LITTLE. Her tiny rag doll fits in the palm of your hand—even more reason to be impressed—and inspired.

2019-12-18 15.30.17

I love her patterns, her ideas—her. Now when I want to feel better, I go to her site and just look around. It is a simple, pretty site. The colors are great. The light is uplifting. It just makes me feel good to meander through her website.

I’m not sure where this new obsession (?) will lead, but I derived such pleasure from the process, that I know it will lead me somewhere…

2019-12-18 15.36.32

I’m especially proud of my (tiny!) hand-stitched buttonhole on the fleece jacket. Look for more dolls—art, rag, etc.—in the future in my Etsy shop. And make sure to check out Ann’s website and blog. You are in for a treat!