Monthly Archives: September 2020

How’s Your Pandemic Going?

Me? Well, I’ve been through a lot during the last few months. Most of it good, actually, but some of it not so good. I haven’t written here in a long time—mostly because I have been so busy getting through all that stuff. I plan to write about all of it, but there is so much that I will most likely break it down and not try and cover all this crap in just one post.

Here is the short list of things I’ve been doing/having/navigating since January 2020:

~We got a new minister at the church where I was the office manager

~A sweet almost-friend who was really an acquaintance died

~I discovered some major lumps in my right breast

~I had to have several mammograms, an MRI, and biopsies on said lumps

~The pandemic happened—oy!

~I got to work from home and discovered just how VERY introverted I really am—yay!

~My abusive father to whom I had not spoken in 20 years died of Covid-19

~I found out an old ex (and now friend) of mine is in hospice

~I got laid off from my job

~I had to break up with my church—again

~I’ve had to learn how to get unemployment insurance for the first time in my life

~Holy shit, that’s a lot!

I am ready for the roller coaster to slow down nice and easy like, roll to a gentle stop, and let me off, thank you very much.

More details to follow.

And that’s my photo of my kittle, Mr. Maui. I need soft, fluffy cat photos these days to calm me.

Stay well and strong,