RV Live as an Introvert – The View from Here – Tucson, AZ – Desert Trails RV Park.

We are in Tucson, Arizona, and we’re staying in one of our favorite areas. We love the area west of Tucson near Saguaro Nat’l Park and Tucson Mountain Park. In fact, Desert Trails RV Park, where we’re staying, is very close to Tucson Mtn. Park.

Every morning I walk to the trail head behind the RV park and enter desert heaven. I make my way through various cacti, creosote bushes, sand, rocks, and palo verde trees toward Tucson Mtn. Park. Sometimes I make it all the way to the park, sometimes I don’t go that far. It is seldom I see anyone on the trails, and that completely fills my little introverted heart with joy. LOL

I stole the photo at the top of this post off the Desert Trails RV Park website btw, b/c as hard as I’ve tried to take my phone and get photos of the trails I walk every day, I can’t bring myself to do it. I just can’t “ruin” the walk that way. Today, in anticipation of needing a photo for this post, I actually put the phone in my pocket and got out the door. But I couldn’t do it. I turned around, came back inside, and left my phone as usual. I did take this one (below), though, but only b/c it’s in our “yard” and right outside our door.

One of the main reasons we left Colorado was to escape to warmer weather and less snow. This is our first winter in this area, and the weather here is mild and sunny and just what the proverbial doctor ordered. We are finding that “cold” here means dipping down to the high 30’s at night and high 50’s during the day. But that is not the norm. Most days are in the low to mid-70’s and the nights are in the 40’s – just right, in other words. When it gets chilly and one of us complains about it, we both realize what we’ve done and we start laughing at ourselves.

We’ll head to Yuma, AZ (also great winter weather) in January and stay there for a month, then we’ll be back to the Tucson area for awhile. After that, we only know we’ll be back in northern Colorado for the month of May 2023. We continue to watch the housing market, and we continue to scout out places where we’d like to settle down for this last stretch of our lives.

And we both are ready for some more space. LOL. Living in an RV is fun. It is exciting. It is an adventure. And it is also tight – with little privacy. We are both looking forward to having our own separate offices again at some point in the future. However, if you are thinking of trying it, I totally recommend it. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

RV life has taught me a lot about myself. One of the main things it’s made me aware of is how few physical things I really need. To have his lifestyle, you have to pare down your life. And for me, that has been eye-opening. It has also forced me to always put things back where they go. You have no other option. It’s either that or there is no space to do life.

Once again, I have no wise, or even witty, summation for this rant. I just wanted to keep you informed about what we’re up to, b/c life got busy and I haven’t written in such a long time. And btw, I can recommend Desert Trails RV Park for introverts. B/c despite having lots of sites, it is mostly quiet. Plus, it has such great trails to explore at the back of the park that take you for miles. You can even go as far as Tucson Mountain Park and keep hiking into the park.


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