Hello, my Lovelies,

I am Grace Cooley. Human. Female. Introvert. Becoming more human, embracing and breathing into the Divine that is human.

Oh, and a bawdy (don’t you just LOVE that word?) smart-ass. But a spiritual one. Who cusses like the proverbial sailor and likes pretty things.

on the back deck. may 2013

This blog is the sum of all my parts:  Metaphysical Counseling, Ghost/Soul Wrangling, Hypnotherapist, Artist, Sewist, Human, Woman, Poet, Mom, Photographer, Writer, Creator, Introvert, etc.  Because I grew tired of having separate blogs for all the different things I do.

This is the view from here. From a wilder grace.

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  2. pressedlprecords

    Ha! Did not read the blog but sure relate to the, “In 2012 I broke up with [a bunch of core stuff]”. Yes, I heard the rest of the title: “, my friends and family, my body and mind–health and memories–my reputation, my ability to work, my ability to make a living…and every part felt like a death to be mourned…it seems that the Powers That Be cannot be satisfied until every idol is broken”.

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