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Have you always wanted to learn social partner dance?
Is partner dancing a bucket list item for you?
Ashamed to get out on the dance floor?
Has your significant other been begging you to learn to dance?


Special Bring-a-friend Offer!

For every new student you bring to our series of classes who signs up and pays for the series ($40), you get $10 off your series cost. Example:  If you get four peeps to sign up for the 4-week series, you get the series for free (see below for regular pricing details)!

When you sign up, mention the “10for4″discount code if you are bringing a friend(s).


What You will Learn in Confident Blues Dance Classes

The Confident Blues Dance instruction format is designed to help the beginning social dancer rapidly learn basic blues and blues-fusion partner dance in simple and methodical private and group lessons. These easy and fun lessons are designed to help the dancer attain the confidence, competence and enjoyment associated and required for social dance scenarios.

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to think about being a beginner and showing up to take a dance class with a room full of strangers—we were beginners too at one point! We understand your fears. Rest assured that our classes are low-stress, funny and fun. You will easily and quickly make dance friends that you will know and dance with for years.

The beginning and basic level student will learn simple blues dance theory, body rhythm techniques, lead-follow embrace connections, basic turns and figures, dips, floor-craft, etiquette and musical adaptation.

Confident Blues Dance Instruction is led by Kevin Kim of Ft. Collins, an experienced blues, fusion, tango and Latin-style dancer and private instructor. He was once an un-rhythmed, socially Kevin smallchallenged single father with no dance skills, but life changing events caused Kevin to take on a new life mission to live more courageously—and attempting social dance was suddenly on his bucket list. He feels a calling to help people who are on that same path in life and to share his experience and enjoyment of social dance.


Kevin is joined on the dance instruction floor by Grace Cooley, gracethanx2013.3experienced in partner dance since Junior High School. Grace has partner dance experience in the Texas two-step, waltz, contra, ballroom dance, salsa, Argentine tango and blues partner dance. Grace brings in the masculine/feminine elements, stressing the importance of respect and roles (no matter your gender) on the dance floor and in relationships. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach.


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Beginner and Advanced Beginner partner dance lessons are on-going in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO and at the Boulder Tango Studio (BTS—inside the Avalon) in Boulder, CO

Classes are usually a 4-week, progressive style series of classes, with one class per week for four weeks. Contact us to find out when the next class series is starting. We would love to have you join us. All ages are welcome, and we cater to the over-40 crowd.

When: Tuesday evenings / Saturday mornings

Where: Old Town Fort Collins / BTS in Boulder
No partner necessary.
Class sizes are limited—sorry no drop-ins.
Call or text to enroll and get more details:  970-310-7111

Cost: $40.00 per person for the 4-week series.

Credit/Debit Payments

You are welcome to pay with check, cash or card at the first (or each) class. To pay with a credit or debit card online, simply go to Paypal and click on “Send” at the top of their page.

You do not have to have a Paypal account!

The drop down will ask for an email address and amount.

Type in Grace’s email address: and the amount.

Paypal will walk you through the rest of the (short! quick! easy!) process. You are not charged any surcharges.


Private Dance Lessons & Dance Parties


Kevin and Grace give private blues partner dance lessons. Private lessons are a quick, painless and easy way to give your social dance the sudden expertise, confidence and fun it may be lacking. In just one hour, you will experience a very noticeable and welcome improvement to your dance.

They can also liven up your (adult) party with a dance lesson at your home/venue before the party gets started. They bring their own music and sound equipment to conduct an hour dance lesson for your group. Call for pricing and info.

Contact us at 970-310-7111 in Fort Collins, CO to set up your private session or party.

Cost for a private dance session is $75/hour.


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Comments from students…

Awesome. Loved Kevin and Grace as instructors.

Great time. Awesome instruction style.

You and Grace are fun and helpful, thank you.

I had a blast last night! Wish I would have signed up for the previous courses too. You are great teachers.



blues dancers

What is Blues Dancing?

Blues dancing has existed for almost as long as there has been Blues music, though it most likely looked different from what we see on the dance floor today. Blues dancing is a term used to describe a family of dances that have developed throughout the history of Blues music and the contemporary dances that are danced in a similar aesthetic.

In the 1990’s, when the Lindy Hop revival started, there began to be Lindy exchanges throughout the United States, at which there were often “Blues Rooms” where dancers could dance slowly to Blues and other mellow music. Blues soon started to become a scene in itself, with communities all over the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Blues offers a unique kind of partner dance. It allows for improvised steps within a set of standard techniques, including a strong connection, tension and compression, turns, and traveling, among others. While Blues dancing can be a slow, intimate affair, it can also be a fast paced rush around the floor.

It can be danced to Blues music, and often is, and can also be danced to many other kinds of music (often referred to as “alternative Blues”). It also lends itself to be fused with almost any other kind of partner dance.

~Crossroads Blues Fusion