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there’s something in my eye

There was something in my eye this AM, and I couldn’t see it or find it to get it out, and it  was driving me bloody nuts!  Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own eye? Easy, right? I thought so too:  just hold the camera up to the eye and press the button, right? Not really, as you can see.

So imagine me snapping away, turning over the camera to look at the result each time, and laughing, talking out loud, the weenie dogs not even looking up (they are used to my ranting out loud by now):  “Okay, a little to the right. Okay, now up some. Fuck! Try it closer. Shit, too close on that one.”  More laughter. “Fuck me,” while still laughing.

eye1 eye3 eye4 eye5 eye7 eye8 eye9 eye10

It did turn out to be fun; I ended up laughing through the entire process. My eye is fine now – by itself.

eye2  eye4