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Small Inspiration.

2019-12-18 15.37.13

Last week I found Ann Wood Handmade and fell in love. And it inspired me to finish a doll I had in my workroom that had been languishing, naked, waiting for some clothes.

Boy, did she finally get some clothes! I drafted tiny patterns and sewed—mostly with a thread and needle and by hand—to outfit her. I even crocheted her a tiny mohair scarf to keep warm. I really like the striped socks.

2019-12-18 15.34.28 smaller

I was inspired by Ann Wood’s tiny creatures and their tiny clothes. The doll I finished stands about 15 inches high, but Ann’s littles are LITTLE. Her tiny rag doll fits in the palm of your hand—even more reason to be impressed—and inspired.

2019-12-18 15.30.17

I love her patterns, her ideas—her. Now when I want to feel better, I go to her site and just look around. It is a simple, pretty site. The colors are great. The light is uplifting. It just makes me feel good to meander through her website.

I’m not sure where this new obsession (?) will lead, but I derived such pleasure from the process, that I know it will lead me somewhere…

2019-12-18 15.36.32

I’m especially proud of my (tiny!) hand-stitched buttonhole on the fleece jacket. Look for more dolls—art, rag, etc.—in the future in my Etsy shop. And make sure to check out Ann’s website and blog. You are in for a treat!



The Pussyhat ~ The official hat to wear for the March on Washington.


Update on 1/20/17:

Today I donated $663 to the ACLU as promised from the sale of pussyhats for the Women’s March on Washington. Thanks for all your purchases! Thanks for helping make this a substantial fund raiser! Thanks for standing up!

I am exhausted from hours of making hats! 🙂 I sold close to 400 pussyhats – of different kinds:  crocheted, upcycled from sweaters, and the fleece version. And I have scheduled a massage for next week. 🙂

My gratitude to you. Godspeed.


Join the millions of people standing up for human rights!

I make a crocheted version of the official pussyhat that will be worn by women participating in the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017.

We wear this pussyhat to show our support and solidarity with women (and all people) as we march for our human and civil rights in America – and all over the Planet.

Can’t go to DC that day? No worries, there are marches forming all over America.

Can’t attend a march but want to show your solidarity and support anyway? Wear this hat now and especially on January 21, 2017!

I’m not waiting for January 21st to wear mine. I wear mine every day.

Want your own pussyhat? Who can blame you? They’re awesome, right? Purchase on Etsy.

Guaranteed delivery by regular U.S. mail by January 18, 2017.

10% of profits go to the ACLU.

“This is a HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH… to show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march. All are welcome. This event is inclusive of all and specifically centers around those who need this support the most: people of color, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, disabled citizens, trans people, and of course women. We are child friendly. “

How to Wear a Dress Clip. Define Dress Clip.

I am writing this because I have had several customers at my Etsy Shop not understand how to use, wear and adjust a dress clip. I too, years ago when I first started wearing them, did not know how to wear them. It took some time and experimentation to get the hang of it.

2017-03-10 15.02.26

If you have an outfit that every time you put it on you stand in front of the mirror and cinch the waist in at the back with your hand to make it fit correctly and look better, then this is the thing you need.

Dress clips are fastened at the back of a garment, right at the waist, in order to take in the garment and make it fit better and look better.

These are dress clips—a white lace one and a black crocheted one:


I use gold or bronze clips (I can’t find the gold ones anymore!). You get to choose the color/metal.


First of all, you do not need a stretchy clip for it to work properly. You can use a stretchy clip if you like the look of it, but it does not change the functionality of a clip very much. I personally think the stretchy ones look too juvenile, like something a child would wear, but that is just my opinion. It is also why I do not make stretchy clips to sell in my shop.

metal clips

Here are the basics of wearing and adjusting a dress/shirt/jacket/sweather clip.

Let’s start with a big, loose, boxy garment.


2016-04-08 08.32.21

Front 2016-04-08 08.43.32

You will always start by placing the middle of the clip on the middle of the garment – which is your spine. So let’s mark the vertical (up and down) middle of the garment with a sharpie.  Then let’s mark the horizontal line which represents your waist.

2016-04-08 08.34.52

Now let’s place the middle of the clip at the mid-line that runs up and down (vertically, which is your spine), and let’s fasten each clip only 2.5 inches, on each side, from that middle vertical line. Notice how there isn’t much gathering between the two clip ends and it does not take the garment in much. The clip is even sagging some, because it is not pulled out any by the garment.

2016-04-08 08.37.23

Now let’s move the clip ends out some and fasten one 4 inches to the right of the mid-line and then the other one 4 inches to the left of the mid-line. Notice how the garment is gathered more between the clip ends and the garment is pulled in more. We are starting to see some shape to the garment.

2016-04-08 08.39.31

Okay, so let’s move the clip ends out to 6 inches, on each side, from the middle vertical (up and down – the spine) line. See how there is much more fabric gathered in between the two clip ends? The garment is now pulled in much more and is much more shapely.

2016-04-08 08.41.00

So just to illustrate what is possible, let’s move each clip end all the way around to each side seam. Notice how the clips are pulling the side seams way around to the back. I realize this is too much and that this is not a good look for this garment (but it may work on some garments, depending on its size and your size), but I just want to make the point that the size and type of dress/shirt clip does not determine the amount of shape you can put in a garment. The amount of shape you can put in a garment is determined by how far from the mid-line you place each clip end.

2016-04-08 08.42.22

So we went from this (which looks like a night gown):

2016-04-08 08.43.32

To this (which looks like a fitted dress/shirt):

2016-04-08 08.42.54

So, you can see that how far you get each end of the clip from the middle of the garment in the back (or your spine), determines how much shape you can put into a garment, and how much fabric you take up.

For some more, different, before and after photos, go here.

To have a look at my lace, crocheted and metal dress clips, go here. The one shown in the photos is a crocheted clip in “dark pink.”


I also make custom dress/shirt clips from your own, matching fabric. Just send me a piece of fabric that measures at least 3 inches by 6 inches and specify which color clip ends you want (bronze or silver).

Good luck! Please contact me if you have questions. I am happy to answer all your questions and help your experience with dress clips be fun and functional.

dress clips – before and after

This is the place for my Etsy customers to see the effects of using a dress/shirt/jacket/vest clip.

dress clip pink dress7 beforedress clip pink dress5 afterdress clip pink dress2If you have an outfit that every time you put it on you stand in front of the mirror and cinch the waist in at thedress clip vest2 before back with your hand to make it fit correctly and look better, then this is the thing you need! It’s like a miracle. 🙂

Dress / shirt / jacket clips can save an outfit! Tdress clip vest1afterhey are made to hold a shirt, dress or jacket in at the waist at the back. And they can be used over and over for different outfits. Using a dress clip can make that loose dress or top fit and give it some curves. I love mine!

The crocheted ones come in lots of colors.

I have a BIG color chart1stash of lace, so I’m sure we can get you the color you need. I also make metal bling-y ones.

Clips come with either silver or bronze (I can’t find gold ones anymore!) metal ends – your choice.  2017-03-10 15.02.26

dressclip blueblkmaydressclip1    

on how cotton fabric gets me hot

I have this thing for cotton fabric – geez!  And also linen – but mostly cotton.  I LOVE a good, thick, white, slightly starched, ironed cotton shirt. And if you put that shirt on a man – OH. MY. GAWD.  Just stick a fork in me and turn me over, b/c I’m done.

I just have to think of a nice, line-dried, light-colored cotton fabric – the smell, the feel, the color, the texture – and I feel good.  When I need a emotional lift, I think of cotton fabric. That always leads me to linen, then, too. Linen loves to wrinkle and doesn’t travel at all, but I love it just the same. I don’t care that it wrinkles. Oh baby, the feel of a good, thick, slightly crisp linen against the skin – eeeee!  Again, put this on a man near me, and I become just a walking bowl of jello – well, sometimes I can still walk – sometimes I have to take a seat and calm myself.  You think I am exaggerating to be funny, don’t you? The funny thing is this:  I’m really NOT exaggerating here. 🙂

Now, the texture is important too – as well as the color. I like my fabrics with a little weight – “hand”, it’s called, in textile universes – the way a fabric feels and drapes and falls. I love good, slightly crisp, hand. I’m not a fan of very light-weight, sheer cottons or linens, although in a pinch, I’m not gonna turn it down.  I like my cotton with some thickness and just a bit of crispness – but not too much (thus the “slightly” starched requirement).  I also like white, or very light-colored cottons and linens better than the darker colors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna turn down a colored cotton or linen, but I prefer little to no color – or just a natural, not-bleached fabric – oh baby…

And don’t even get me started on cotton bed sheets. But now that I am on the subject…  I can get totally hot just thinking of thick, light-colored, cotton, line-dried bed sheets – how very pathetic. 🙂 I don’t even have to think of them on a bed, for fuck’s sake, to get hot. Something about that crispness, the smell of the sun, the way they feel against the skin…

eeeeee! again

At least I have a good, free source of upliftment, I guess.

Something about my favorite cotton fabrics reminds me of sun and Greek Islands and romance and bare feet and late summer dinner in almost dark and into dark with lights strung in the trees above and wine on outside uneven stone-paved patios with a summer breeze that caresses the skin and gently lifts tendrils of hair alternately in cool and warm temperatures as I laugh and talk with friends and/or my man in a plaza somewhere foreign but familiar and known and loved. Ahhhhhh….   I am transported into heaven…  My eyes roll back.  eeeeee! again. 🙂

creativity and weekend meet

Wow, had soooo much fun this past weekend! I did nothing and yet everything all at once – designed some stuff, made some stuff, did some laundry, laid around a bit and just let my mind drift. Don’t do that last one much, and I want to do it more, b/c it is like a super energy and creativity booster. Love the way I don’t really go to sleep while I am doing it, but at some point, I ‘wake up’ and look around and wonder where I was. 🙂

2013-06-16 10.56.33dogfudsack1

The biggest, most wonderful thing about this weekend? I began to tackle the guilt piling up in my pantry:  I designed and made some stuff out of the mounting issue of thick, plastic dog food bags I refuse to put in the trash b/c I feel too guilty about it. I used to send them to a momandpop business who made things out of them, but they decided they didn’t want that kind of bag anymore. So I’ve been piling them up – or trying – actually, they don’t stack so easily. Being slick, thick plastic and kind of formed, they tend to slide around and not want to stay piled up – another good reason to do something with them:  to keep them from raining down on me in the pantry every time I try and move things around in there on that top shelf.  I kept them with the idea that I would either find someone to take them or make something out of them.2013-06-16 11.31.432013-06-16 17.31.112013-06-16 11.33.26

So I came up with a few designs and spent a good part of the day making several different bags. 2013-06-16 17.33.34 2013-06-16 17.33.11