gracethanx2013.3Grace Cooley, CHt

Certified Hypnotherapeutic Personal and Relationship Coach, Metaphysical Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Dance Instructor, and Ordained Minister

Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

I see clients at my office in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I also do Skype and phone sessions for hypnotherapy and metaphysical readings.

House/business clearings (ghost-whisperer stuff) can also be done via phone or Skype.


Metaphysical, Neural Pathway Reconfiguration and Hypnotherapy sessions:  U.S. $100 per session. Sessions are 1 hour long (the first session of hypnotherapy is an intake session and may be up to 1.25 hours). Payment is due at the conclusion of each session. With a physician’s written prescription, your hypnotherapy may be covered by your insurance company. It is your responsibility to obtain information about your insurance coverage and to provide me with insurance forms if applicable. Clients pay me and are reimbursed by their insurance companies. I do not and will not directly interact with insurance companies for payment for sessions.

House/Business Clearing:  If I travel to your (local to Ft Collins, CO) location, the price is $120. If I travel to your location outside of Ft Collins, CO, you pay travel expenses and room & board (if necessary) up front, as well as the U.S. $120 for the session. If the session is done via phone/Skype, the price is U.S. $100. Please know that if I clear your location, it will be clear when I am done. Also, for the next week or two (depending on what I find), I clear it again every day when I do my daily mediation/light work—to insure that all is well.

Customized Hypnotherapy Recording (CD):  U.S. $500 (includes shipping). This involves the usual intake session of one hour via phone, in person or Skype. Then I sit down with your intake forms, what I’ve learned about you, concentrating on those issues you want to heal/resolve and make a custom recording just for you. This recording can be for night time use, so that you can listen to it as you are drifting off to sleep (very powerful!), or I can make it a recording for daytime use—meaning the end is the usual, “eyes open, wide awake, in full control of body and mind, able to remember everything…” variety. Then I burn it to a CD, put it in the mail to you for your use as long as and as much as you desire. (Never listen to any of these CDs/recordings while driving or operating heavy machinery.)

Payments will be accepted in the form of cash or credit/debit card.

To set up an appointment, go to my booking site.

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