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dress clips – before and after

This is the place for my Etsy customers to see the effects of using a dress/shirt/jacket/vest clip.

dress clip pink dress7 beforedress clip pink dress5 afterdress clip pink dress2If you have an outfit that every time you put it on you stand in front of the mirror and cinch the waist in at thedress clip vest2 before back with your hand to make it fit correctly and look better, then this is the thing you need! It’s like a miracle. 🙂

Dress / shirt / jacket clips can save an outfit! Tdress clip vest1afterhey are made to hold a shirt, dress or jacket in at the waist at the back. And they can be used over and over for different outfits. Using a dress clip can make that loose dress or top fit and give it some curves. I love mine!

The crocheted ones come in lots of colors.

I have a BIG color chart1stash of lace, so I’m sure we can get you the color you need. I also make metal bling-y ones.

Clips come with either silver or bronze (I can’t find gold ones anymore!) metal ends – your choice.  2017-03-10 15.02.26

dressclip blueblkmaydressclip1    

dandelion salad

Now why is it, again, that we don’t like dandelions? They will grow anywhere with little to no water, they are beautiful, they make great ground cover, they reseed themselves like crazy and you can eat and/or make tea out of every part of the plant.
Because they are classified as a ‘noxious weed’, you say? Seems to me we need to be growing yards of dandelions on purpose and forget the grass that takes water, weeding, money, chemicals that leach into our water system, etc.