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The Difference Between a Ghost, a Demon, a Generic Entity, Aliens, Negative Energy, and Shadow People.

There are many types of entities and energies that could cause you to conclude that your house is haunted, so let’s look at some different types and definitions. Keep in mind that none of them is welcome or should be allowed to stay in your home, and all of them are very easily taken care of.


The most common type of haunting is a simple ghost. I define a “ghost” as a soul that, at one time, had a physical body that housed it. When the body died, the soul did not go to heaven/home/back to its creator/etc. There can be many reasons a soul does not cross over.


A “demon” is a different thing altogether. There are many types of demons. They usually have never been a physical human. They can be tricksters, ghosts who only think they are demons because they have been lost so long they can’t remember who they are, or downright evil (rare, thank goodness).


An “entity” can be any number of types of spirits that are not classified as a ghost or demon. Lots of times, when they can’t easily and quickly be classified as a ghost, demon, etc., I will simply conclude they are in that undefined category—and, of course, need to go. In that instance, I call upon the Escorts of Light to take the entity to wherever it needs to go. I do not pretend to know where that is, and it doesn’t matter. I trust my team, and I always ask that the entity is taken care of—that any and all darkness and confusion be removed so that it can know its true self.


Aliens represent that category of beings who come from different dimensions/planets/planes and that may (or may not be) physically unseen on Earth. These include the Greys, the Lizzies, the Tall White Ones, the Crop Circle Dudes, etc. The process for removing them and insuring they do not return to bother you and yours, is a slightly different process than a usual house clearing, but is still very doable.

Negative Energy

Negative energy is a category given to the bad juju—of any and all varieties—that might be hanging out around you and in your home. This bad energy could come from an almost endless variety of sources:  someone very negative and depressed; someone wishing you harm; anger; a ghost or any of the other haunts herein; leftover bad juju from a death, divorce, trauma, etc.; a botched house clearing job (they didn’t know how to clean up and close spiritual doors afterwards and left you open to receiving unwelcome nonphysical guests and energies); someone messing around with magick who doesn’t really know what they are doing; someone trying to “summon” assistance or info from a source other than the Angels of God/Light, etc.

Some negative energy can actually take on the characteristics of a type of entity, ghost, etc. I don’t see this a lot, but it is possible. It usually occurs because there is (or has been) much energy being put into the negativity—or perhaps because it has been present for such a long time and has been accumulating.

One can also get negative energy via an attachment. See Ghostly Possession vs. Attachment for more info.

Shadow People

Shadow People are most often in the category of dimensional bleed-over. They can also be related to a time loop. What happens is easy to explain once you understand that there is no such thing as time and no such thing as space. When you think about that some, you realize that everything is taking place right here and right now.

What can happen when everything is happening right here and right now is that sometimes something from another dimension/plane/frequency/lifetime is bleeding over into your current dimension/plane/frequency/lifetime. It is easy enough to repair or construct some energetic barriers that will keep them from bleeding through.

Shadow People are often mistaken for poltergeist, because sometimes we can hear physical sounds from them with our physical ears. They usually do not register our presence or cannot hear us, even though we may be able to hear them talking to someone in their own dimension. Occasionally, Shadow People will also notice us, but that doesn’t happen very often.

The Good News

All of these can be easily removed and taken care of. Please do not suffer at the hands of a haunting just because someone “qualified” told you something can’t be removed—or because they said the entity told them they are not ready to go. There is a solution to all of these problems—and many more. And please do not think you have to be searching for a specific type of healer/person that goes by a specific type of name (magician, necromancer, etc.) before your problem can be resolved. I’m your huckleberry, your renaissance spiritual warrior, and I can help you out.

Why You don’t Want a Ghost Living with You.

Over the years, when clearing their house, clients tell me to only remove the not nice ghosts and let the ghosts stay if they are nice. I have always refused. And here is why.

To address this issue, we must first define the word “ghost.” When I say “ghost,” I refer to those beings who, at one time, were physical beings and whose physical body died. The soul then left the deceased body, but did not cross over and go home (heaven).

When I ask ghosts why they did not originally cross over, they have given me many reasons why a soul does not cross over when the body dies.

Ghosts, quite simply, do not belong on the Earth plane. If your house has ghosts, then they are souls that are stuck and/or lost—or perhaps they are in a time loop. They once walked the Earth in a physical body and had a life. As a ghost, they want to go home, just like everyone else. They want to see their families again; they want to be unstuck and rescued—even when they say they don’t. To know how to take them home and not do so just because a client wants something interesting to tell their friends, would be highly cruel, in my opinion. I will always refuse to let that happen.

There are other reasons, too, however, to avoid living with ghosts. When a soul leaves the body because the body has died, and then doesn’t (for whatever reason) cross over and go home, they often begin to draw energy from the physical beings around them—that’s you, your family, and your pets.

Depending on how long they’ve been lost, they may forget who they were and who they really are. They may get bitter, angry, confused, depressed, etc., because they have been away from home and reminders of their divinity for so long. They may get bored and begin “playing” with you and your family to keep from going crazy and to alleviate the boredom. And what may seem like playing to them, could seem cruel and scary to your kids who do not like being pushed and scratched by “that mean man in our basement.”

A few ghosts hang around so long that they begin to be able to manipulate the physical plane as well as the nonphysical. These will take the form of poltergeists. They are able to move physical objects, make noises (whispering in your ear, thumps and knocking), harm humans (choking, scratching, etc.), and mess with computers, electricity, and/or mechanical objects.

Ghosts (as well as other entities) can also begin to influence you and your kids’ thoughts and dreams. That’s why I urge folks who very suddenly start having new thoughts and dreams that are weird, violent, suicidal, and very unlike their usual thoughts and dreams to call me as soon as possible.

Some ghosts may have been lost for so long that they even begin to think of themselves as “evil.” I have seldom run across a truly evil soul; most have simply convinced themselves of that over time. However, they may be acting out that “evilness” anyway, and you and your family may be paying the price for their mis-belief. Before escorting them home, I always address any and all ghosts I remove and help them remember who they really are:  a beautiful, powerful, divine soul who has just been lost too long to remember for themselves. 

There are many ghosts I remove that say they do not want to go home. This is usually because they have forgotten about home, forgotten they were once physical, have become attached to other humans, and/or don’t’ realize they are dead. Some even try and put up a fight and think they can avoid going. Those are the ones that most need to be reminded about who they really are.

I take them anyway, and they always come back later to say thank you. But if they come back to thank me, aren’t they classified as a “ghost” again? No. Once they have been home, once the darkness and confusion has been lifted from them, and once they realize who they are and what they could actually be doing instead of hanging out in the basement scaring your kids, they very seldom want to stay Earthbound.

And even if they decide to stay for a while, they know where their home is and know they can return any time they want. They are not stuck anymore. They are free. And after crossing over and coming back, they are never evil, mean, or intentionally scary.

Please do not think that because your ghost is nice that you have a right to keep it captive in your house like a pet. Please be kind to them, and give me a call so that I can help them out.

The Reasons a Soul Does not Cross Over or How to Become a Ghost.

In the many years I have been talking to ghosts, clearing houses, and taking ghosts home, I have discovered a few main reasons souls do not cross over—and then end up becoming ghosts. Here are just a few of the main reasons.

Fire and Brimstone

The most common reason relates to religion. Either they believed in hell and damnation and are afraid they did not measure up and don’t deserve to go to heaven, so that they are afraid to move or go anywhere, afraid it will be hell they are headed to. So they fearfully stay put. Or they had no spiritual/religious beliefs at all and don’t know what to expect, so they stay put because they are lost and confused.

Not Letting Go

Some souls are too concerned with the physical beings left living. They worry about their spouse, kids, or their parents. Their family is grieving so hard and is resisting letting them go so badly that they become so involved with trying to make the ones left behind feel better, that they stay—and keep staying, and staying—until they can’t remember why they were staying in the first place. They may stay Earthbound so long that their loved ones themselves die, and they don’t even know who these physical people are anymore, these people who live in the house where they used to live.

Some souls do come back, after crossing over, to become Guides for their loved ones—whether for a short while or for a long time. But this is not a good idea until that soul has crossed over first. I always tell the souls I escort home that they are welcome to come back and visit as much as they want once they’ve gone home first.

Souls can also be strongly connected to a place or time in their lives. They may love the home where they grew up. Maybe their spouse died upstairs in bed in that house. Maybe they were born in that house, their own parents later died of old age in that house, they were married in the parlor downstairs, and they died in bed upstairs. They could have a lot of reasons to cling to a place and not cross over.

You Can Help Them Cross Over

The best thing to do when a loved-one dies? Release them and tell them you are sad but okay with them crossing over. Tell them that after they have crossed over, they are then welcome to come back and visit—if you are comfortable with that. Wish them well and Godspeed. Be happy for them that they get to go home and that they will be there to help you when you get ready to cross over.

And also do your own, personal grieving. This is important for you. Just because you know they are going home (to a good place), doesn’t mean you are necessarily suddenly cured of all your sadness. It’s okay to tell them to cross over even while you are sad at the same time. You can be accepting and grieve simultaneously.


Sometimes souls get confused after dying traumatically. Trauma can mean anything from a violent, sudden death to a lingering, long, suffering death. When a soul dies after a long time in a coma, for instance, they can be confused about whether they are actually dead or not, and about where they should go. They have been hanging around a comatose body for so long, that they become confused. Any type of trauma can cause confusion and make the soul wonder where it is supposed to be. They may go to their own funeral, go to the house they lived in, and try to talk to their friends and family, not understanding why no one will acknowledge them.

People who Don’t Know They’re Dead

An interesting class of ghost is that of those who don’t realize they are dead (again, folks that have been half alive—comatose—for a long time can experience this). This can also cause time loops (see below). Many folks who have had a near-death experience (NDE) and come back to tell us about it, did not realize their body was dead. They followed it around for a long time, trying to figure out what to do and what was happening.

Not realizing your body has died can happen for lots of reasons, not the least of which is suicide. They can’t remember how they got to this weird in-between place, they don’t know what to do, and everyone acts as if they aren’t there, so no one will answer their questions to inform them of any options.  

Time Loops

Some folks are in such death denial that they continue living their lives as if nothing unusual happened after they leave their physical body. Some of those may get caught up into a time loop. These may or may not be related to shadow people. What often happens is that a soul will relive some incident (maybe even their death scene) over and over. When it loops through to the ending of that scene, they just start living it over again. Poor dears.

Time loops can involve the actual souls, themselves, or it can also be an energetic “memory” stuck in a place. Time loops may be about the happiest time of their life, or the scariest, or the most meaningful, or, as I have already stated, their death. Time loops have a higher percentage of happening if the death was very violent and/or unusual. Violent murders can, unfortunately, easily cause tragic time loops.

Time loops can be the cause of a type of shadow people. Shadow people are sometimes detected by homeowners as translucent, shadowy figures that are in their home, but seem to be uninvolved with the home’s current, physical occupants. They describe the shadowy figures as going about their own business, seeming to have no awareness of the actual physical humans present. The shadow figures do not interact with, react to, or even notice the homeowner and the homeowner’s family.

They do not interact for two reasons: 1. They are an energetic memory only, so that no actual souls are even present, or 2. a soul(s) is present, but it is so caught up in the drama of the memory loop (and it believes the memory loop is their Real life), that it is aware of nothing else—including actual physical humans.

The Good News

All of these are fixable and easily resolved. I don’t like any soul to suffer in any way, so it is important to me to make sure I get as many souls as possible back where they belong:  Home. And trust me, even if they are nice, you don’t want a ghost living with you.


I recently saw a client who lost her 24-year old son in March of this year. He died of leukemia.  She came to me for a reading – to talk to her son on the other side. She said she really didn’t believe in the things I do or in reincarnation, but that she was desperate and in pain and was hoping I could help in some way. She was referred to me by two different, unconnected people, so felt that that was some sort of sign that she should follow through with it. I couldn’t disagree with her on that one, as I pay attention to signs/synchronicity too.

Her sadness felt and looked like a thick, gray shield all around her. I could feel the panic underneath that – that panic that accompanies major loss, that feeling like you will never get stone angelto see that person again.  I have memories of that type of panic – that endless, desperate panic with no hope of remedy.

During the reading, I tried to stay focused on her son and not on her and her pain. I pushed aside the empathic sadness/depression and conveyed her son’s message. He had not been home yet, had not gone ‘to the Light’, for lack of a better way to put it. In that, he was not unusual; however, he was different in another way. He presented a first of his kind for me:  a recently nonphysical being who knew where to go and wanted to go, but that had waited to talk to me first. He told us that he didn’t want to go until he had talked to his mother more directly than he was able by himself. “You see,” he said, “I have been waiting for you, Grace, so that I could tell my mother these things before going.”  THAT, I had never encountered. He said he could see the possibility of her speaking with me and so had waited around.

I delivered his message and answered all her questions, mostly successful in keeping her pain from invading me too much. He, quite peacefully, moved into the Light afterwards.

And then I sobbed quietly in my office once she was gone. I waited until I heard the outside door close and knew she was outside the building. I let the waves of sadness and panic wash over and through me, wanting to get rid of them.  I then cleared myself and the office and rode my bike home – subdued, sober.

I could feel her sadness and our connection the rest of the day. Every time I laughed or smiled, I would catch myself and pull back, emotionally. It felt obscene to laugh or smile in the face of her sadness, her loss. I thought of my own daughter. She will be 22 this summer. I thought of the pain, the absolute panic, the hopelessness, even the anger that comes with such a loss.

This morning I found myself laughing again at silly things, the way I do. I am basically a happy person. I have worked hard to be this happy and content in my life. I sent her a load of good juju and sent out a prayer for her healing on all levels and turned my energy back to MY life, my very good, happy life with a healthy, beautiful, funny daughter to grace it. I laughed at my attempts to take a photo of my eye , enjoying the process just b/c it took me back into myself and my life and out of her painful one. And I also prayed I would keep the memory of that contrast stored somewhere in here, in my life, to remind me of just how good my life really is.

Godspeed. Godspeed to the son, but he is fine; he is Home. Mostly, Godspeed to the mother.