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on how cotton fabric gets me hot

I have this thing for cotton fabric – geez!  And also linen – but mostly cotton.  I LOVE a good, thick, white, slightly starched, ironed cotton shirt. And if you put that shirt on a man – OH. MY. GAWD.  Just stick a fork in me and turn me over, b/c I’m done.

I just have to think of a nice, line-dried, light-colored cotton fabric – the smell, the feel, the color, the texture – and I feel good.  When I need a emotional lift, I think of cotton fabric. That always leads me to linen, then, too. Linen loves to wrinkle and doesn’t travel at all, but I love it just the same. I don’t care that it wrinkles. Oh baby, the feel of a good, thick, slightly crisp linen against the skin – eeeee!  Again, put this on a man near me, and I become just a walking bowl of jello – well, sometimes I can still walk – sometimes I have to take a seat and calm myself.  You think I am exaggerating to be funny, don’t you? The funny thing is this:  I’m really NOT exaggerating here. 🙂

Now, the texture is important too – as well as the color. I like my fabrics with a little weight – “hand”, it’s called, in textile universes – the way a fabric feels and drapes and falls. I love good, slightly crisp, hand. I’m not a fan of very light-weight, sheer cottons or linens, although in a pinch, I’m not gonna turn it down.  I like my cotton with some thickness and just a bit of crispness – but not too much (thus the “slightly” starched requirement).  I also like white, or very light-colored cottons and linens better than the darker colors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna turn down a colored cotton or linen, but I prefer little to no color – or just a natural, not-bleached fabric – oh baby…

And don’t even get me started on cotton bed sheets. But now that I am on the subject…  I can get totally hot just thinking of thick, light-colored, cotton, line-dried bed sheets – how very pathetic. 🙂 I don’t even have to think of them on a bed, for fuck’s sake, to get hot. Something about that crispness, the smell of the sun, the way they feel against the skin…

eeeeee! again

At least I have a good, free source of upliftment, I guess.

Something about my favorite cotton fabrics reminds me of sun and Greek Islands and romance and bare feet and late summer dinner in almost dark and into dark with lights strung in the trees above and wine on outside uneven stone-paved patios with a summer breeze that caresses the skin and gently lifts tendrils of hair alternately in cool and warm temperatures as I laugh and talk with friends and/or my man in a plaza somewhere foreign but familiar and known and loved. Ahhhhhh….   I am transported into heaven…  My eyes roll back.  eeeeee! again. 🙂