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the one-eyed, feral, pirate cat

Why why WHY must this cat (Bella, the crazy, one-eyed, feral, pirate cat – watch out, she bites!), with the entire queen-size bed at her disposal all night, either sleep where my feet need to be or walk across my face all night? WHY?!?


cat on a cool wood ladder

??????????I usually walk around the house, or at least my bedroom (and usually naked), every morning while I brush my teeth. This morning as I was doing both brushing and walking around, I went to my bedroom window and saw this outside:  Bella – the crazy, one-eyed, feral, pirate cat on the wood ladder.

So I quickly went to the front room of the house (naked and with toothpaste and brush in my mouth) to get the camera, wondering if she would stay long enough for me to get some shots.


I came back and as quickly as I could, took off the window screen – the window, itself, was already open. And hung out the window to get some  photos. ????????????????????