RV Life as an Introvert – The Yuma Conservation Garden

The cacti were just beginning to bloom when I was there. Look at those sweet little blossoms.

I was at this garden in March 2022, and I really liked it for three very distinct reasons. 1. I got there right as they were opening, and no one else was there (yay! Score for the introvert), 2. the desert was beginning to bloom, and 3. it was weird. And I really like weird things – until things get TOO weird. And then I get weirded-out. LOL

Please note: Check their website for their hours/days/seasons of business.

Directly from their website: “The Yuma Conservation Garden is located at the northeast corner of Pacific Avenue and Highway 80. The 28-acre site includes a botanical garden featuring Sonoran desert vegetation, a watershed model, a pond for wild and domestic waterfowl, and a display of antique farm equipment.” 

This garden is across the highway from Yuma’s international airport, is right next to the fairgrounds, and seems quite out of its element. It has some really old and wonderful farm equipment inside the garden, is laid out in paths that sometimes kind of peeter-out with no warning, has signs that are so old that most are illegible, but also has some wonderful plants and landscaping. It is free to the public (with a spot for donations), and you can purchase duck food at the entrance to feed the ducks at their pond. And despite being right on the highway and across from the airport, I highly recommend the experience – especially if you like slightly funky things. Their website is a bit primitive, but I imagine the whole thing – garden and website – is done by volunteers, so I’m okay with that.

Right after I got there, another introvert showed up. I know she was an introvert, because only once in the 28-acre spread did we cross paths. And when we did, neither one of us spoke, smiled, nor even made eye contact. Therefore, I loved her immediately. Thank you, whoever you are, for letting me be my introverted self.

So, this place is perfect for introverts – if you get there early. I stayed as long as possible. I had to finally leave because people were showing up. I love this place and will go back through it if and when we go back to Yuma, AZ. I was so smitten that I went to my car when I was done and brought them back a donation.

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